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The Pacman behind the BeeNow Website…

When it comes to building a new website, there’s never any doubt as to who I’m gonna call… Pacman! He’s also the superpower that I call whenever I’m faced with any tech dilemma, whether it is ridding my universe of some malicious malware, navigating a blue screen or just buying a new phone. He devours IT issues like a … well, Pacman

And he’s not just a cute IT face, Pac also has vast experience in digital arts and digital media production. His key skills include visual design, concept development and implementation, marketing collateral, and web design.

He worked very closely with our mutual dear departed friend Peter Christopherson, installing electronic components in his weird & wonderful instruments, production design on Coil’s limited-edition box sets, and digitally archiving Peter’s work.

Pacman has also done design, website building, and video work for some of Bangkok’s leading aesthetic clinics.


Oh and yes it is true, he can also eat more gummy bears than anyone I know.

If you need a website building, IT, or design work check out his website & drop him a mail: