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Into a Circle

Into A Circle

Into a Circle

Full Circle

Into a Circle’s first single ‘Rise’, (a limited pressing of 5,000 vinyl copies) topped the UK indie chart before disappearing into obscurity. After several months in the studio writing new material, In2a0 played their debut concert in December 1985, supporting Nico. They were joined on stage by Rose McDowall, from Strawberry Switchblade, Eddie Gray on violin and Billy Morrison on guitar.

The Spunky Junky Spacesuit

The outfit I wore on stage was made especially for me by Murray Blewett, who would go on to work closely with Vivienne Westwood for 30 years. Adorned with tubes, syringes, and an enema bag it was made from two layers of clear plastic which had KY and talc in between.” Bee

On the Road

In2a0 toured extensively in the UK before releasing two more singles, “Inside Out” and “Forever”, which was co-produced by Larry Steinbeck from Bronski Beat. It was around this time that Bee also sang vocals on Current 93 and Death in June records. “We were constantly being dragged into the ‘goth’ section, which we had nothing against but felt no affinity with too. Working with Larry was a definite move to shake off that label.” Bee

Assassins are Go!

In2a0 released their debut album, Assassins in 1988. The single “Evergreen” was released a month later and featured a video directed by ex-Slits bassist, Viv Albertine. “There was no concept or theme to the album. The songs were inspired by our fascination with theology and spirituality and also by the books we were reading and people we spent our time with.” Bee

The Circle is Complete

In September 1989, Into A Circle took to the road one last time before parting ways.
“The last tour was a blast! We had both Rose and Little Annie (Annie Anxiety ex-Crass) on backing vocals. Rose couldn’t bear to leave Kali and Loki, her marmoset monkeys, at home, so we took them with us too, I had by then forgiven Kali for biting my face. We wrote a lot of new material for that tour, which we are hoping to release in 2021.” Bee