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The ThaiCapsule Exhibition

Inspired by a scene from Paul Bee Hampshire’s forthcoming story, ‘High on Platforms’, the show centers around a metal box that was discovered in a grimy Bangkok guest house in the late 1980s. As well as the actual ThaiCapsule, the exhibition will feature work by a diverse group of artists, from all over the planet, using a wide range of platforms to interpret the ThaiCapsule stories.

What is the ThaiCapsule?

No one knows the exact year the box was hidden or why it was put there. The steel box is usually used by Thai amulet collectors to house their precious pieces.

Inside the ThaiCapsule

Inside the ThaiCapsule is a cassette tape, a book of stories and prose, old photographs, newspaper clippings, peculiar animist trinkets, pages from old Thai notebooks, and other wonderfully weird things.

Spirit Inclusion Spirit Delusion

The vignettes that appear in the book and on the cassette tape are dark dispatches from a parallel realm punctuated with echoes of animism on acid. They tell tales of fairground fake-death motorcycle rides, soul-stealing temple birds, and shrines that manifest animated death predictions.

The Collaborators

Coming from all over the world, from Brooklyn to Bangkok, Singapore to Sheffield, the collaborators will include calligraphers, sculptors, taxidermists, photographers, pop artists, illustrators, animators, and musicians. Live performances will also be staged, featuring music and readings by Paul Bee Hampshire.