Fragments from Angels in Chemtrails


‘it’s getting’, it’s gettin’ kinda hectic It’s getting’, it’s getting’, it’s gettin’ kinda hectic It’s getting’, it’s getting’, it’s gettin’ kinda hectic It’s getting’ – Snap – The Power


“I don’t know why the fuck we had to hire a motorbike” Wayne hollered.

“Because it’s the only way to get around the Island at night” Fran screamed in his ear.

The bike screeched like a spoilt child as they tore through Koh Samui’s dusty back roads.

“Well I can’t get my head around these fucking gears.”

“Ok, pull over. I’ll drive” Fran shouted.

After a short bumpy ride, they pulled up outside Koh Samui‘s local disco. Fashioned from bamboo and thatched palm, splattered with UV paint, The Flamingo looked like a tripped-out tree house that had dropped out of the palm trees.

Fran parked the bike and switched the lights on. Wayne pointed out that it might have been better to have had the lights on when thebike was on the road. Sniggering she bent down in the beam and with a small hand mirror sorted out the lipstick that had crept onto her teeth.

Cutting through the maze of beach mats and small tables that surrounded the makeshift dancefloor Wayne made his way to the bar and ordered a bottle of Mekong whiskey, soda, ice and a pack of Krungthip cigarettes. ‘I got the power!’ the tinny sound system bragged as they sat down on one of the straw mats on the edge of empty dance floor.

Their glasses chinked like swords, “chok dee”, they chimed in unison before taking a swig. They drank in silence; Wayne sizing up the nearby tables like a hungry insect searching for its favourite flower. Two drinks later he commented on the lack of cute guys.

“So I guess it’s time to bring out the bear.’’ purred Fran reaching into her bra and fishing out an oval shaped tin with a smiling Winnie the Pooh Bear on the lid. A she flicked it open, they both peered inside at the assortment of uppers and downers, which frequently turned their insides out. Her fingers hovered over the tin, dowsing rods coming to rest over two rohypnol tablets. Whistling the theme tune to ‘Are You Being served?’, she plonked them into their drinks.

“Going down, next floor street level.’

Fran and Wayne were both missing Bangkok but as the whiskey and rohypnol kicked in, the jagged edges softened and a fuzzy logic took over. Through a boozy haze, Wayne suddenly saw his ship in the night sitting a few tables away.

“Is he looking?”

“He’s vile” flange answered.

“Have you got your contacts in?”

“No, they’re soaking in solution back at the bungalow”

“Well shut the fuck up then” he hissed. “Besides, you’ve done worse only you were sober and by the way, he is looking at me.”

Wayne peered over and raised a drunken eyebrow at the boy who smiled back. Two eyebrows and he shouted over at Wayne “hello, cheers you! I am Tony’’

“Cheers!” They both hollered back.

Tony looked at Fran.

“This is my older sister” Wayne said hoping to untangle Tony’s puzzled brow.

“Younger, younger” snapped Fran.

Wayne motioned him to join them. Dispensing with the formalities he skipped over, flung his arms around Wayne “I am Tony, tonight I sleep your room.”

Knowing how difficult it could be to get rid of people in the morning, Wayne quickly countered “No, no my room’s too far, let’s go to your room instead.”

Tony grinned and nodded. As Wayne looked at him more closely he began to think that perhaps Fran was right, several drinks later and he didn’t care.

Tony whispered in Wayne’s ear that they should leave. Fran, who ten minutes earlier had complained of dizziness, had put her head under the table and dozed off.

“She’ll be OK here” Wayne declared, thinking that it would be a good excuse to come back once they were done. Unless of course he did his usual trick and passed out halfway through the first act, waking up in the morning trying hard to remember where Fran was and more to the point, where he was.

“Here, here” Tony pointed as they approached a block of rundown apartments. The door to his room was covered in dirty finger marks, bleached out pictures of Marilyn Monroe and a ‘I love Samui’ sticker. He knocked three times, which surprised Wayne because Thais usually barge straight in. Their entrance was heralded by a fanfare of squeals from three transvestites that were sat in cheap lacy underwear on a huge bed that filled the poky room. Thai trannys don’t have a long shelf and usually lose their looks in their late twenties these three were well past forty. They’ll leave Wayne thought, they always do.

Simultaneously they all rose and dashed towards him, pulling each other back at the same time. The first one to reach him put her man-sized hands around the back of Wayne’s neck and pulled him towards her, the second one grabbed his shoulder, pulling him in the opposite direction and the third went straight for his crotch.  Wayne looked over at Tony who was now sat head in hands on the bed. Gesturing for help, Wayne widened his eyes but Tony’s face had the look of a fisherman that had just lost his catch.  Wayne was on his own with these three ladymen.

The screeching grew louder as they ran their fat fingers through Wayne’s hair, cupped his butt and kneaded his crotch. Stripping off his clothes they paused occasionally to inspect the labels but soon Wayne stood shaking in a pair of loose fitting boxer shorts. Adrenaline hitched a ride on the whiskey as it coursed through his veins but the rohypnol reigned in any attempt to flee.  The room started spinning, a carousel ride of fear, haggard faces appeared before him, scary visions drifting in and out of focus. A bulldog with pastel blue eye shadow and crooked nicotine stained teeth; a bullfrog with greasy suction pump lips that left trails of saliva with each stolen kiss. The third looked like her face had been smacked with a spade and stuck back together with max factor.

“Yes yes, you you, baby baby, take me” they cooed like crazed pornstars gearing up for the cum shot.  Wayne felt his knees buckling then realised one of the trannys was bending his legs to get his trousers off.  The other two lifted him off the ground  and flung him face down on the bed.  For a millisecond he forgot where he was and nestled down into the fusty pillow but he was jolted back into reality as one the trannys wedged his neck between her legs while the other straddled his legs and the third tugged at his boxers. ‘Oh no,oh no,  oh fuck’ he thought  pressing his face back into the pillow as if it were a safe place where he could shut out the madness that had now escalated into brutality. He felt a jab of pain as one of the trannys grabbed a clump of his hair, jerking his head back so she could thrust his face deep into her crotch. The smell of stale perfume and sweat made him retch and almost throw up  in the sticky black bush of pubic hair.  Oblivious to the horror, his brain suddenly came up with a random question and he wondered if she’d had the chop but before he could solve the riddle the rohypnol and whiskey took control of the situation and he passed out.

His body felt weightless, as he tried to open his eyes a murky darkness seeped into his sockets, it trickeled through his brain, smothering  any traces of fear or panic.  He was floating in a sea of thick muddy water, he wanted to stay like that forever but  something wasn’t  right, something was niggling him, wading through his subconscious like a fingernail slowly scarping  across a blackboard.

Suddenly a bolt of pain shot through his body, ripping him from the darkness and forcing him back to consciousness like like a harpooned Whale. As his senses returned a voice in head screamed  fuck, fuck I’m being fucked! and to drive the point home the beast on his back wailed and shot a slushy load inside him. The second of silence that followed was broken by a succession of  loud knocks. From the other side of the room, an aggressive voice cut through the door like a chainsaw, the shouts grew louder as the knocking became fiercer.

The trannys dived off the bed, pulled it away from the wall, pushed Wayne’s limp naked body onto the floor then pushed the bed back over him. From under the bed Wayne saw one of the trannys unlock the door and four policemen waltz into the room.  After a brief exchange, which consisted of gruff barks by police and whiny purrs from the trannys, the cops circled the pantyhose clad trannys, put them in cuffs and herded them out of the room.

Wayne looked like the silently screaming kid in The Shinning as he lay in the darkness beneath the bed. His body ached and his head was sore but the most disturbing sensation was the dull throb he felt in his ass. He noticed his clothes laying in a pile beside the bed. He hadn’t noticed Tony leave with the police and thinking that he could still be in the room suddenly became self conscious about being naked.

‘’Hello.’’ He called out from under the bed. When no one answered he crept out  and got dressed.  As he put on his clothes he bundled up the self-loathing and shame he felt and pushed it deep into his subconscious with the rest of the humiliation that he hid there.

‘’ Twat! ‘’ He hissed as he caught his reflection in the dressing table mirror.

Sprinting back to the disco Wayne wondered about what had just happened and how come the cops had turned up.  He wouldn’t get his answer until months later when he bumped into Tony in a Bangkok club. Tony said he he’d tried to stop the trannys but they’d threatened him and thrown him out. The police had arrested them for stealing a gold watch from a western trick.  Wayne knew that most of that wasn’t true but didn’t say anything.  He did however make a mental note to  admit to Fran that she was right and Tony was as ugly as a bag of arseholes.

The Flamingo had filled up but the dancefloor was still empty. He dashed over to the table they’d been sat at but there was no sign of Fran. He over to the group of middle-aged westerners that had taken their spot.
“Excuse me, did you see where the blond girl that were here before went?”
The oldest of the men shrugged and spoke in a coarse cockney accent “Weren’t no one here when came mate… but if she’s cute she can come back and sit here.” He patted his scrawny white knee.
Normally Wayne would have come back at him with a cocky reply then legged it but he was hurting and desperate to find Fran. Walking back towards the bar he felt an uncontrollable urge to break wind, a warm liquid seeped out of his ass into his boxer shorts. Oh fuck no, no!
Running down the steps he noticed the bike was still parked outside the club. He felt in his pockets but remembered Fran had the key in her bag.

Wayne waved over a motorcycle taxi rider.

“Lamai Bungalow Resort, twenty baht Ok?”