About A Bee

A musician and writer, so far he’s spent half his life in the UK and half in Asia.

Bee grew up in England but is now based in Bangkok. He left school at 16 to form the Danse Society with Steve Rawlings.

He moved down to London to join a band which became Panache. During his time in London as well as hanging out in clubs, he also did the door at London’s first fetish club SKIN2 .  When Panache became ‘big in Japan’ he spent a lot of time there doing tours and recording.

After Panache he worked on his first solo project and went into the studio with artists like Bill Nelson and Blancmange.  Bee also hooked up with Psychic TV and later teamed up with the remnants of Southern Death Cult to form Getting the Fear.  He would later emerge with his own indie outfit, Into A Circle.

At the start of the nineties he had a brief stint in NYC then moved to Asia permanently and settled in Bangkok.  

After a couple of crazy years travelling around the country, picking up both good and bad habits, he went back to music but this time as a radio DJ.  For over seven years, Bee produced and presented his ‘In the Hive’ radio show on Bangkok’s leading international radio station and interviewed artists like Radiohead, Bjork and The Manic Street Preachers, he also wrote a music column in The Nation newspaper. In 2003 he formed Thailand’s first electroclash band, Futon, and did gigs all over the world from Vietnam to Dublin, Tokyo to Berlin. For his next band Goo he went back to doing the lead vocals.

Bee also worked for five years as the editor of a lifestyle magazine in Bangkok for the Bed Supperclub group.

After Bed Supperclub closed its doors for the last time in 2013,  He spent a year managing publishing projects at The Andrew Biggs Academy and then began working on freelance writing projects for companies like the Beat Hotel, Apex Profound Beauty and Bangkok Liposuction.

At the beginning of 2015  he left Bangkok, headed west and spent his time hopping between London and New York, reacquainting himeself with both cities.

A year later, he set up his own copywrighting company

He’s still working on High on Platforms, it’s a long book!




1980 Y?

1980 – End of Act One(Aardvark Records – Bouquet of Steel Compilation Album)

1980 Danse Society

1980 – No Shame in Death (Pax Record – 12” Vinyl)

1981-1982 Panache

1981 – Dancer at The End of Time (EMI Records – Album)
1981 – Auto Love / I’m So Afraid (EMI Records 7” – Single)
1982 – Heartbreak School (EMI Records – Album)

1984 Getting the Fear

1984 – Last Salute (RCA Records 7” & 12” – Album)

1985-1987 Into a Circle

1985 – Rise (Arcadia 12” Vinyl – Single)
1986 – Inside Out (Arcadia 12” Vinyl – Single)
1987 – Forever (Arcadia 12”, 7″ Vinyl – Single)
1988 – Evergreen (Arcadia 12” Vinyl – Single)
1988 – Assassins  (Arcadia Records – Album)
1987 – Live @ Nottingham Rock City, February 1987 (Casstte Tape)
1987 – Homelands (Casstte Tape)
1987 – Thai Tapes (Casstte Tape)

2003-2007 Futon

2003 – Wanna Be Your Dog (Rehab Records CD – Single)
2003 – Wanna Be Your Dog (Lucky 7’s, 7” Vinyl – Single)
2003 – Nevermind the Botox (Rehab Records CD – Album)
2005 – Futon 1000 (Rehab Records CD – EP)
2005 – Love Bites (Rehab Records CD – Album)
2005 – Rich Baby (Rehab Records CD – Single)
2006 – ฝัน (No Label CD – Single)
2007 – Pain Killer (No Label CD – Album)
2007 – Strap It On (Dirtee Records 7” Vinyl – Single)

2010 Goo

2010 – Sniffin Goo (No Label CD – EP)

Vietnam · Nepal · France · China · Thailand · Holland · Germany · Singapore · Malaysia · Brussels · London · Japan



in the beginning was the word

Bee’s first literary venture was writing song lyrics for his first band when he was 13 years old. Since then he’s written features in magazines, interviews, music columns, news headlines for a TV station.  He was also executive editor of Bed Sheets Magazine for five years. He now has his own company, Wordsmith.

His short stories have been published in magazines and anthologies. Bee is currently working on his first novel, High on Platforms. (Scroll down to the end of this page to hear Bee reading extracts.)

High on Platforms they went as low as they could go..

Fragments from High on Platforms

Oh Samui!
Fran and Wayne were both missing Bangkok but as the whiskey and rohypnol kicked in, the jagged edges softened and a fuzzy logic took over.  READ>>

Katoon Vishun
In a dreary hospital room the gaunt body of a leukaemia patient is hooked up to multitude of medical machines he’s also plugged into a toaster, fax machine and vacuum cleaner.  READ>>

              Scroll down to the end of this page to hear Bee reading both stories.




High on Platforms

A Novel by Bee

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and then there was music



Club & Events

Bee has played at clubs and events all over the world, from  Tokyo to Berlin , Singapore to Dublin.


In the Hive radio show on Bangkok’s leading international radio station 95.5 FMX.

I’ve done a 10 day fast but I couldn’t last a single day without music



Don’t listen to people that say you shouldn’t meet your heroes. I  met mine and  they didn’t disappoint.

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